【CONTENTS】Nov.15 2020ChinaEconomic Weekly

Cover Story

P16|CIIE amid COVID-19: When the Chinese market becomes the world market

This year’s CIIE had an exhibition area of 360,000 square meters, almost 30,000 square meters larger than last year’s event. Notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic, business opportunities at the CIIE have attracted more than 3600 global exhibitors from more than 150 countries. Over 80% Fortune Global 500 companies and leading enterprises made their continuous participation at this year’s expo. The value of deals reached at the third CIIE came in at $72.62 billion, up 2.1 percent year-on-year.


P03| Expand the middle-income group and step through the middle-income trap

Special Reports

P30| Under the new dual-cycle development pattern, Foshan’s high-quality manufacturing industry

P38| Cai Jiahua: How Foshan’s total investment in industrial technological transformation ranks first in Guangdong for five consecutive years

P39| How can JMA Aluminum achieve contrarian growth

P42| Been through Twelve “Double 11”, we need something “new”

P46| Secretary of Sanya Municipal Party Committee falls under graft probe

P49| Centralized purchasing leads to 90 percent drop in price of coronary stents

P52| Major e-commerce platforms had once again set new record during the “Double 11” this year


P56| China’s stock market: 30 years of ups and downs

Macro & Policy

P64| After 8 years, delay retirement is coming!

Finance & Capital

P66| “Broker Big brother” CITI was bearish by “investment bank nobles” CICC

P68| Luo Yonghao, not only “live commerce”, but also “live stocks “

Industry & Company

P70| The Survival Record of real estate enterprises in the “Era of 10K Yuan”

P74| Under the epidemic, real estate giants’ “golden nine silver ten”

P76| Technology empowers, let “old tangerine peel” glow with “new vitality”

P78| “PINGAN Mode” of Corporate Governance: International Standards, Localized Features

Innovation role model

P81| CRRC Zhuzhou Institute’s practice in the Intelligent Rail Transit Era

Economy & Law

P86| Professor of Chengdu Institute of Physical Education fined 25.82 million Yuan for insider trading

P88| Most expensive auction in “Double 11” 

P90| “Female Head” of Hunan’s hundred billion tobacco enterprise came a cropper

P92| ICBC creates a model of financial poverty alleviation

Region & City 

P94| A Hong Kong resident’s “ Tale of Two Cities” on Epidemic Prevention between Shenzhen and Hong Kong

P97| Exploration of Shenzhen urban village demolition

P100| How does Guangdong Xinxing develop county economy

P102| Visit Yudu, a major clothing county: in the post-epidemic era, clothing orders is returning


105| The new “delisting mechanism” for the stock market is coming

106| Huang Qifan:In the era of digital economy, computing power is the core competence of competition between countries


110| Why are there few corrupt officials in Japan?