【CONTENTS】Aug.30 2020ChinaEconomic Weekly

Cover Story

P14| How Shenzhen made itself a great city?

Over the past four decades, Shenzhen has transformed from a small fishing village into a modern metropolis and internationally renowned

Over the past four decades, Shenzhen has accomplished an economic miracle in the history of human development, and what it shows to China and the world is a magnificent picture of the times.

How did Shenzhen succeed so famously?  What’s the unique path to driving the city’s extraordinary development in only four decades?

CEW Editorial

P03| Financing is the key to the establishment of real estate market long-term mechanism

Two Weeks

Special Reports

P34| Takeaways from the very important symposium on economic and social work

P39| Tesla In A Simmering Discord With Pinduoduo Over Discounted Model 3 Sedans

P42| Investigation on the Incident of Shaanxi Farmer’s being paralyzed in detention center

P44| Interview with academician and experts: In case Microsoft cuts supply, can our Plan B backup?


P50| The Sorrow of civilization

Macro & policy

P54| What will happen to Small loan company under the adjusted Private lending rates cap?

P58| Why five largest state-owned banks will batch convert personal mortgage pricing benchmarks to LPR?

P60| Medical insurance reimbursement to get major changes

P63| The expansion of the duty-free industry to boost consumption

Finance & Capital

P66| Registration-based IPO reform of ChiNext a boon for innovative enterprises

P68| Stock market getting dynamic

P70| Yanan Bicon Pharmaceutical fraud billions

P72| Pinduoduo, Inc. to Join the NASDAQ-100 Index

Industry & Company

P75| Alibaba’s Ant Group to obtain consumer finance license in Chongqing

P78| Huarong’s first half performance drops 90%, as ex-boss Lai Xiaomin convicted of 1.7b yuan graft

P80| High price pushes pig companies to announce record profits

P82| After the US$2 billion acquisition, Tmall integrated NetEase Kaola

P84| Film industry recover from negative impact of Coronavirus pandemic

P86| Geely Automobile announced interim results for H1 2020

P88| Dairy Giant Mengniu give up on sale deal for Australia’s Lion-Dairy

Region & City 

P90| Can Beijing surpass Shanghai?

P93| Will province-level municipality get expand during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-2025)?


P96| The oil game behind the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and the UAE

P100| China launches anti-dumping investigation into Australian wines


P102| How long can U.S. Treasuries last?

P103| Improving the control capacity of water resources is the fundamental way to resist flood and drought

P107| Analysis on current obstacles and countermeasures of Chinese enterprises’ overseas investment


P110| Huawei’s talent secret: how to motivate 190000-person workforce?