【CONTENTS】Jul.15 2020ChinaEconomic Weekly

Cover Story

P14| Three Questions on Three-Gorges Project

Days of torrential rain triggered flood warnings across the country.

Some observation stations along the Yangtze River witnessed the water levels exceeding those of 1998. Many are worried about another disastrous flooding year.

What are the reasons of frequency of floods and droughts, and how to fundamentally solve the problem? At present, there are major differences or even some confusion in public opinion and public perception.

For example, what is the role of the Three Gorges Dam, the country's largest water conservancy project, has once again become the focuses of social concern.

A special Roundtable was held in Beijing on 7th July to discuss three top topics of the Three Gorges Dam,  which are a major concern for the public.

CEW Editorial

P03| The reform of the homestead system in rural areas  is a systematic project

Special Reports

P26| The start of a bull market?

P36| STAR Market welcomes SMIC


P42| Rainy season

Macro & policy

P46| The National Security Legislation for Hong Kong SAR voted to pass, these “Hong Kong troublemakers “ and started to run

P48| Housing provident fund will not be lifted, Beijing takes the lead in “fee reduction”

P50| Should the national central cities take in more cities?

P53| Massive appointment  of external directors in state-owned enterprises

Finance & Capital

P56| Shanghai Stock Exchange to improve benchmark index calculation

P58| Guangdong state and private investors compete in Tianjin’s SOE reforms

P60| China’s regulator gets tough on insider trading as it metes out record of 3.6 billion administrative fine

P62| “running scallops” saga will never happen no more

P64| Moutai Briefly Becomes China’s Biggest Stock

P66| QuantumCTek  soared 1000% in its trading debut in Shanghai

Industry & Company

P68| Detergent Producer Blue Moon Group Moving Ahead With $1 Billion Hong Kong IPO

P70| The ups and downs of Zhu Baoliang, chairman of Honglou Group

P74| Export-oriented enterprises are turning to domestic sales to receive policy package

P76| Drowning in Debt, Property Developer Tahoe waits for White Knights

P78| Five Minute COVID-19 Tests On The Way

P81| 100 billion  fund-of-funds set up to back SMEs

P82| Precision medicine in AI transformation

Economy & Law

P84| Tencent vs. Lao Gan Ma: Why is the Chinese Tech Giant Suing  the Country’s Favorite Chili Sauce?

Region & City 

P86| Hainan heats up as liberalized offshore duty free policy

P88| Digital Transformation in Local Government get thumb-up.

P90| Land prices in first-tier cities jumped 220% in two months

P93| Housing market is on the rise in Shenzhen as rental housing market going down

P96| Zhang Qi, former official of Haikou, was accused of accepting bribes of more than 107 million yuan to plead guilty in court

P100| Anyuan county , digital commerce has become a new engine of poverty alleviation


P103| The wealth changes of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs in four months by Hurun Research

P106| Uk universities fear huge budget holes as Chinese students stay home

P108| US unemployment surges to a “crisis”


P111| Do SMEs only need money?