【CONTENTS】Jun.30 2020ChinaEconomic Weekly

Cover Story

P14| Toward the Post-Dollar Era

$7.14 trillion ——equals 34% of US GDP,this is the size of the US Federal Reserve's balance sheet on June 18.In total, the Federal Reserve balance sheet has expanded by $3 trillion since March 23 when the Fed launched the" Unlimited Quantitative Easing " monetary policy.

Will America's excessive money supply lead to global inflation? Will it lead to the complete disintegration of US dollar hegemony?

Currency has an impact on all markets ,as for now, stock, bond, oil and other markets have confronted with unprecedented chaos.

Many people might think that it’s just a temporary economic imbalance due to coronavirus pandemic. Yet, Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, issued a dire warning that “the coronavirus pandemic will forever alter the world order.”

CEW Editorial

P03| The Concept of Benefiting the company accelerates financial reform

Special Reports

P30| Wang Zhenhua, Billionaire sentenced to five years for Child Abuse

P37| Beijing battles to contain COVID-19 cluster infections


P44| An all-in battle against COVID-19 in Beijing

Macro & policy

P48| Key takeaways from the 2020 Lujiazui Forum

P55| Promoting employment across China

P58| Canton Fair 2020  be Held Online

P60| Massive transfer of Senior executives in state-owned enterprises

Finance & Capital

P62| The“star” province in STAR Market

P64| China Railway Construction to spin off unit for IPO in STAR market

P66| Sichuan Trust Customers Told $3.56 Billion of Investments Are at Risk

P68| Why the board chairman of BioKangtai reduced his stake?

Industry & Company

P70| Beidou, China's own version of GPS, is now complete

P73| Is salmon guilty of spreading coronavirus?

P76| SMIC applies for listing on China A-share market

P78| Midea's He Xiangjian Targeted in Kidnapping

P80| Workers of Beijing's PepsiCo Plant found corona positive, company temporarily closed

P82| JD succeeded in its secondary listing in Hong Kong

P84| Debt dispute between actor Zhang Ruoyun and Huacemedia

Economy & Law

P86| Legendary GOME founder Huang Guangyu released from prison

P88| Benefit chain behind Fake news

Region & City 

P90| The scandal-plagued police chief  in Chongqing

P92| Poverty alleviation practice of State Grid Ganzhou power supply company


P96| Witnesses of the coronavirus pandemic in Russia


P101| The Monetization of Fiscal Deficits: Why is it Exactly?

P102| 5G and  the development of Fintech


P108| How can Hong Kong maintain prosperity and stability