【CONTENTS】Mar.30 2020ChinaEconomic Weekly

Cover Story

P14| The global response to an economic recession

The spread of the epidemic has led to the halt of economic activities in developed countries represented by the United States, Europe, and Japan. Is the definition of the "Great Depression" excessive? What will the epidemic bring to this world? What are the economic consequences? Anyway, the only united fight can nullify the global threat of virus — COVID-19.

CEW Editorial

P03| China can effectively respond to the imported risks of the economy

Special Report

The Series reports of the global fight against the outbreak of COVID-19

P27| Zero-interest rate, unlimited QE ... ... Will the Fed's "masterstroke" work?

P29| Germany launches 6 trillion rescue plan

P32| Overseas Chinese in Britain: 30% depends on consciousness, 70% depends on luck

P35| Worries of overseas Chinese in the US: we have insurance and money, but it doesn’t mean get good treatment

P38| Iran's epidemic crisis witnesses: Worse than viruses are poverty and war

The Series reports of epidemic prevention and production

P41| Unprecedented, international flights diverted to Beijing

P45| Directly to the "New National Exhibition" distribution point. How immigrants are diverted after arriving in Beijing?

P50| Straight review to the Shanghai entry point

P53| The number of confirmed cases has been increasing rapidly, How did the Hong Kong epidemic suddenly get worse?

P56| Guangdong foreign traders: orders decline sharply, finding a way out

P60| Visit the "epidemic" line: "World Supermarket" Yiwu

P64| Financial System issues "Fighting COVID-19" Report

P67| Post-epidemic recovery lesson 1: Release of domestic demand


P70| Spring ploughing is busy


P74| Many-sided man Yigong Shi


P76| How much tax can companies pay less after donating to fight the epidemic?


P78| The performance is not up to Shi Wang's expectations. Is Vanke still “stable”?

P80| Can HTC's cash flow be enough?

P82| Allianz Xu Chunjun:

Upgrade and growth of insurance "Dark horse"


P84| SoftBank to sell 4.5 trillion yen in assets

Zhengyi Sun and Yun Ma "drifting away"?

P86| Signing fee 100 million, can Yonghao Luo really "repay the debt"?

P88| Shanghai theme park fighting COVID-19:

Expecting retaliatory rebound after the epidemic

P90| Cai Niao fighting COVID-19


P92| Shanghai state-owned rent-free disputes:

What to do if the landlord is non-Shanghai state-owned?


P96| France enters "state of war"

P99| South Korea's fight against epidemic does not depend on "Closing the city", by what?

P103| Sporting events are tragic, is the worst thing about the Tokyo Olympics?

P106| Luxury goods Industry fighting COVID-19


P108| If the second COVID-19 comes, are we ready?

P111| China economic policy: It can't be trapped by "4 trillion"