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CEW Editorial

CEW Editorial

P03| Listing of state-owned enterprises is an effective hand in the reform of state-owned enterprises

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P14| 70 Years of China Airport witnessing China's cconomic take-off

By September 30, Beijing Nanyuan Airport will be closed. Meanwhile, Beijing Daxing International Airport will be officially opened. All flights of China United Airlines Limited, which operates Nanyuan Airport exclusively, will be "no". Shut down overnight transfer to Daxing Airport.

According to the transfer plan previously disclosed by the media, 24 airplanes will be transferred to Daxing Airport one day before departure from 3 p.m., and personnel, equipment, vehicles and materials will be relocated and transferred in a very short time, and directly participate in the flight support work of Daxing Airport the next day.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Nanyuan Airport has been responsible for the training of air and ground troops. In 1984, in order to meet the needs of "opening to the outside world and invigorating the domestic economy", China Air Transport Corporation (the predecessor of China United Airlines) was established, and then Nanyuan Airport was opened to civil aviation. In 2011 and 2016, Nanyuan Airport also carried out two renovation and expansion projects. In 2018, the annual passenger throughput of Nanyuan Airport with one main runway and 27 parking spaces exceeded 6.51 million passengers.

Daxing Airport is not only a "bigger" airport. "At present, there is no actual operation of the new airport, but from the simulation results, compared with the international airports of the same scale and the same magnitude, a lot of data is very competitive." As early as 2018, Yao Yabo, commander-in-chief of Beijing New Airport Construction Command, said in an interview with the media.The only certainty is that Hong Kong's greatest long-term advantage remains its national advantage.P24| Alibaba's "secret": Twenty years of a Chinese sample of digital Economy

P34| "The first peasant town" withdraws towns and establishes cities

P36| He Chaoqiong exposed the truth of Hong Kong in the United Nations

P40| Cloned monkeys: China's research field in non-human primates from the international "run side by side" to "lead the way"

P44| Ignoring the opening of technological IPO

P52| The global economy is showing signs of "Trump recession"

China Economic Forum

P46| Accelerate the construction of PPP's theory of practice in China and promote PPP's steady and far-reaching development 


P60| Price stabilization and gradual recovery of basic pig farming

P62| Uncovering the veil of Hebei Free Trade Test Zone

P64| In 2019, the Xiamen Fair held: "one belt and one road" became a new highlight of global economic and trade cooperation.

P66| Railway Law was amended 28 years later


P68| Yihui Man: Strive to build a standardized, transparent, open, vigorous and resilient capital market

P70| Zhongguanghe return A share market

P72| How far is the GEM from the registration system?

P74| Jia Yueting has a debt repayment plan?


P78| Cold Thoughts on Costco's Burning

Economy and law

P82| Another big guy falls on P2P


P84| Shanghai Free Trade Zone Lingang New Area Welcomes the new deal of real estate market

P87| The charm of literature and travel in Sanmenxia "Swan City"

P90| Yichuan agricultural and commercial bank helps vitalize rural areas


P92| Can the US stock market break the September curse this year?

P94| Can the "dead end" Johnson successfully complete his exit from Europe?

P97| Bad news for D&G

P99| WeWork will launch an IPO with a valuation of $47 billion and never make a profit.


P102| Expanding domestic demand to deal with global economic weakness


P106| How American judicial police use legal weapons to hunt global business opponents


P108| Museum art research institutions collectively become net red