【CONTENTS】July.30 2019 China Economic Weekly

Cover Story

P14| See also "Night Shanghai"

Nearly a century later, the background ofnight Shanghai has been endowed with economic significance and participated inthe competition between cities in the form of night economy. It's a marketopportunity estimated to be trillion, supported by China's huge demographicdividend and strong consumer demand.

"Night Economy" has become anunprecedented important role in Shanghai's official documents. Nine departments,such as Shanghai Commerce Commission, jointly promulgated "GuidanceOpinions on Shanghai's Promotion of Night Economy Development", andproposed to vigorously develop Shanghai's Night Economy Version 2.0. Beijinghas also published "Measures for Further Prosperity of Night Economy toPromote Consumption Growth", drawing a blueprint for "NightEconomy".

Not surprisingly, in this round ofnighttime economic city competition, Night Shanghai has become a very dynamicrepresentative.

This summer, Shanghai's nighttime economyboomed with social networking.

This document opened the prelude ofShanghai Night Economy Version 2.0. This is also interpreted as Shanghai'snight economy has moved from the barbaric growth of the 1.0 era to theharmonious and pluralistic 2.0 era.

CEW Editorial

P03| The individual bankruptcy system needsto avoid "orange born in huaibei is aurantium trifoliate"

Special Report

P22| First launch into orbit! Zerobreakthrough of private rockets in China

P26| Is there any illegal subcontracting ofGezhouba power?

P37| How was the world's first innovativedrug, Benvimod, born?

China Creation in 70 Years

P30| Three Gorges Project: creating a newheight of international water conservancy and hydropower science and technology


P40| The era of China's real estateoversupply is over


P48| Kechuang Board's First Day Inventory

P50| It's completely cold! Liao Yingqiang,a "black mouth" in the stock market, was detained

P52| Xiangcai Securities Company's 556.9billion yuan product involved in Luo Jing's fraud case

P56| Return of the king of Zhonglian HeavyBranch?

P58| Why Hong Kong's Big Mac IPO canceled

P60| The truth of "Maotai inmedicine"


P62| At least 279 housing companies havegone bankrupt this year.

P67| Fortune 500 Chinese enterprises are sostrong!

P69| Fortune is the fastest leap in theranking of the Top 500 Country Gardens in the world

P71| Three-month iteration of Xiaopengautomobile triggers owner rights protection

P74| From Sanmao, Bainiang to Xiaoyanzi andXu Sanduo: new business behind AI's restoration of old films

P78| Runze Science and Technology:Introducing Great Change in Value by Data Fusion


P82| To protect personal information andprivacy, only the network security act is not enough.

P84| ICBC Hengyang Branch cheated 353million yuan


P88| Expert: the threshold for big citieslike Beijing to settle down is bound to be lowered.

P90| Samsung factory transfer capacity,"100 billion street" Chenjiang transition breakthrough


P94| Five topics on the New Prime Ministerof Britain

P98| OpenAI and Microsoft co-starred in theBillion Doubles?


P100| Learn to manage financial marketunder open conditions


P101| What are the mysteries betweeninternational technology transfer and US government regulation?

P104| Actively and steadily promote thereform of authorization of state-owned capital operation

P107| With the exception of pit culture,the financial industry will be full of pits.


P110| N possibilities of urban intelligenceevolution