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P03 China has the conditions to optimize financial mechanism

Cover Story

P14| The battle to illegal villas in Qinling Mountains


P23| Industrial Internet era, or BAT has the final say?

P28 “Double 11” in the eyes of consumers

P30 Changes of all things in 10 years of “Double 11”

The 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up

P34 High Speed Rail a famous example of “Made in China”


P38 The 12th China international aviation & aerospace exhibition


P42 The consumers’ information leak case of Huazhu

P44 Central enterprises explore new ways to manage capital


P48 SFC CITIC, Guoxin and Haitong are innocent

P50 Poly Real estate’s dream

P52 The war of “Mutual insurance”


P55 Details of dispute expose between FF and Hengda

P58 Luo Yonghao’s business difficulties

P60 Hitachi transformation from manufacturers to technology providers

P62 Industrial Internet brings new business

P66 The critical point of thin film solar technology


P68 Visiting the eastern route of South to North Water Diversion Project

P70 The layout of new material in Yinchuan


P72 Super salesmen at the CIIE


P76 The strategies of Li Keqiang’s visit to Singapore

P78 The transition period of Chinese stock market

P79 Why can Chinese miracle be realized


P84 Four risks to be harnessed in “being old money”

P86 I.T’s “fashion” business