【CONTENTS】November.5 2018 China Economic Weekly

CEW Editorial

P03| Developing internal work is of great importance for economy

Cover Story

P14| Technology companies’illegal occupation of natural reserve

Special Report

P24| 2018 Media Cooperation Forum on Belt and Road

P28| Internet: the second half

The 40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening-up

P36| China’s urbanization Military-Civilian Integration

P42| How national defense industry helps the development of industrial software


P46| Chinese martial arts novelist Louis Cha dies at the age of 94


P49| Poverty alleviation of poor counties

P52| 2018 July-September quarterly report of PPP integrated information platform project library


P56| Analysis: Kweichow Moutai’s performance


P58| Will Model 3 help Tesla to gain profit?

P60| Changan’s development in new energy vehicles

P62| Fight: Daoxiangcun in south and north of China


P65| Yinchuan’s manufacturing development


P68| Jean-Maurice RIPERT: French enterprises look forward to China International Import Expo


P70| RMB exchange rate

P71| Ownership rights,contract rights, management rights for agricultural land

P72| USD hegemony

P78| Thinking of building nuclear power plant cautiously


P82| Introducing financial policy should be without trial and error

P85| High-level private enterprises forum