【CONTENTS】March.27 2017 China Economic Weekly

CEW Editorial

P03| The issue of property tax and its legislation

Cover Story

P16| 2017 Property regulations

Special Report

P26| House prices in Hong Kong

P29| Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2017

P35| An investigation into Ming Jingguo case


P38| U.S. banker David Rockefeller dies at 101

PPP Report

P43| Zhejiang Province’s application of PPP model in upgrading its medical information management

Sci-tech Innovation

P46| Shanghai Supercomputer Center: a high performance computing platform


P48| Usage of state finance

P50| SOE reform’s new trial: investing in operating companies

P52| An analysis of the new policies for reductions in taxes and fees in 2017


P55| Analyzing listed companies’ cash dividends from annual reports

P58| Regulation for the depository business of P2P online lending


P60| The beleaguered LOTTE

P62| The competition among Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi

P65| Ding Lei and NetEase

P68| The future strategy of PEAK after returning to A-share market

P70| The development bottleneck of fast fashion

P72| CRRC’s deep-water plough

P74| Dameiweb.com’s customized travel


P76| Xinan Rural Commercial Bank’s successful practice in poverty alleviation

P78| Foshan starts its project for developing a city of makers


P79| How to keep a healthy financial market in China?

P80| A reflection on the 0.01 yuan’s winning bid


P82| Overseas investment needs insurance and rescue mechanisms


P84| Are the aged in Japan have nothing to depend on?

P86| Galapagosization