【CONTENTS】December.26 2016 China Economic Weekly


CEW Editorial

P03| Implementing proactive fiscal policy needs to raise capital usage

Cover Story

P16| China marks the 15th anniversary of its WTO accession


P25| The dispute between Huishan Dairy and Muddy Waters

China Economic Forum

P28| Xia Bin (a counselor of the State Council)’s evaluation of the economic situation in China

Original Technology

P35| The development of personal credit information operation in China

PPP Report

P39| Shandong Province’s application of PPP model in its central heating project

Science and Technology Innovation

P42| The development of maker space in Shanghai

Poverty Alleviation Column

P44| China Construction Bank’s practice of poverty alleviation in Ankang

P46| 105 district organs’ 11-year poverty alleviation practice in Hinggan League


P48| People in Sanlitun


P54| An analysis of the current and future policies on levying social security premium

P57| Houses are built to be inhabited, not for speculation


P59| China UnionPay officially released its new standard for two-dimensional code payment


P61| Jahwa’s personnel shake-ups

P64| Laifeng, a platform of live interactive shows

P66| An analysis of the current situation of Wanghong economy


P69| The Islamic finance’s way to profit

P72| France’s way of fighting against haze


P74| The leverage disturbance in China’s government bond market

P75| China’s tax system needs a radical overhaul

P78| The world is at a inflection point of both political and economic cycle

P80| Maintaining a sound development of real economy


P82| Charlie Munger


P84| Beijing should establish quantitative indexes and a timetable for haze-fighting

P86| Model city of social development—Anqing case