【CONTENTS】May.23 2016 China Economic Weekly


On 20th January 2015, President Xi Jinping came to Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture to inspect the situation of Erhai ecological protection.

Cover Story

P16| The record of Erhai lake water quality improvement project with a PPP approach in Daili, Yunnan

CEW Editorial

P03| How can infrastructure investment be efficient and effective?

China Economic Forum

P30| China’s status of “market economy” has not been recognized although it has been in the WTO for 15 years


P34| Chinese enterprises devote to promoting overseas market

P42| Liu Mingzhong: the chairman of both China First Heavy Industries (CFHI) and Xinxing Cathay International Group

P47| An exclusive interview of Wang Min, the chairman of XCMG


P50| Real estate agencies are increasing?promotion?efforts


P54| Private investment has decreased during recent 10 years

P58| Monopolistic cost increases enterprises’ burden


P60| The return of China concept stocks to A-share market is tough


P66| Zhou Feng, CEO of Netease Youdao, regards online education as a potentially profitable market

P68| An investigation into the sharp increase of garlic price


P70| Five rural commercial banks in Jiangsu have finished their IPOs


P72| Does Trump suffer a budget shortage during the presidential election?

P74| The change of Saudi Arabia oil minister and the country’s economic reform blueprint


P77| There are reasons for Chinese shares to rise

P78| Should there be rules for the era Big Data?


P80| Su Xing Economic Treatise (complete works)


P82| Four industries’ acquisition and reorganization have been halted

P83| The debt-to-equity swap of commercial banks is unrealistic

P84| Students’ comments on the college entrance examination

P86| A complaint to the China Mobile