【CONTENTS】May.4, 2015 China Economic Weekly

【CONTENTS】May.4, 2015 China Economic Weekly

With rising globally recognized prowess, Chinese companies will play an important role in global nuclear power markets.

CEW Editorial

P02| Major policy banks also assume full responsibility for any risk


P15| The money should be turned into capital

P16| Chinese bull market has been started

P17| Chinese stock market bubble is coming

P18| The Belt and Road facing three Challenges

P20| The core of Chinese stock registration system

P22| The points of China’s state enterprises’ merge

P24| Call for Credit supervising and managing system in internet finance

Cover Story

P26 | The adventure of China nuclear power plant

Special Report

P34| Who will leave the central enterprises after salary limit

P38| Wang Tianpu was suspected of serious violations of law


P40| The history of Chinese model worker


P44| Why pension annuity cannot go to every employer

P47| Who will be the AIIB governor

P50| The strictest food safety law was published


P54| The activity of rectification of illegal fund-raising starts

P58 | Card clearing market welcomes competitors

P62| Greenland Group backdoor listing plan permitted

P64| Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery: share price soaring

P66| Salary of Banking staff decrease


P68| MacDonald will open

250 stores per year in China

P70| Online travel agents

is changing Chinese tourist


P72| The growing Chinese

mobile games market is expected

P76| Investigation of South Korea’s medical tourism industry


P80| The economic ties between China and Nepal


P84| The theory of investment of Warren Buffett


P86| Wen Lipeng: painting by my father’s soul